Rethinking Court Collections: How to Nurture Compliance with Ease and Improve Public Service

Streamline and Enhance Your Compliance Process to Resolve More Cases More Quickly

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It’s time to move beyond traditional "collection" practices.

For many courts and government offices, the compliance process strains resources, alienates constituents, and hinders case resolution. As funding wanes and public demands and scrutiny intensify, the need for changes takes on new urgency. 
In this eBook, Ontario Systems Government Services Consultant Jeremy Rust explains:
  • How a traditional approach to compliance causes friction and poses litigation risks 
  • The necessity and benefits of a service-oriented compliance process. 
  • How you can easily nurture compliance, reduce staff burdens, and save taxpayer dollars

Unlock the secret to delivering an outstanding constituent experience and resolving cases more quickly. Download “Rethinking Court Collections” today.