Ready to Text 2.0

The Collection Professional’s Guide to Compliant Communication in 2020

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It's no surprise that text messaging is quickly becoming the unparalleled communication channel where consumers live — and it's where they want businesses to meet them.

But text messaging, like any other consumer communications technology, comes with its compliance challenges – especially for the third-party debt collector. Character limitations; consent, revocation, opt-in and opt out requirements; along with the requirements of the CTIA, the FDCPA, and the TCPA, among others. 

In this updated version of her 2018 eBook, Rozanne Andersen – Ontario Systems Vice President and Chief Compliance Officer – outlines the essentials you need to know before you implement a text messaging program. Highlights include:

  • The nuances of text messaging
  • Obtaining and managing consent
  • Drafting your terms and conditions
  • Interpreting recent litigation

Learn more about this opportunity and how it can help you improve your service experience and collection results.