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Managing A/R in 2021: The Easy Way to Shorten Payer Hold Times and Drive Productivity Sky High


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Two of the biggest productivity drains on the A/R front line—long payer hold times and lack of visibility into remote agent activity—are preventing providers and their RCM partners from kicking revenue recovery into high gear. Fortunately, there’s a simple EHR complement from Ontario Systems, a leader in healthcare collections technology, that tackles these and other A/R issues head on and empowers remote reps to work more high-priority accounts in less time. 


In this free webinar, you will learn: 

  • The secret to slashing payer hold times by up to 80% 

  • What reps need to prioritize accounts, maximize time with payers, and stay compliant 

  • How to effectively monitor and manage remote A/R agents—even as you scale 

  • How one of the nation's leading health systems increased A/R rep productivity by 120% in just six weeks—from within their existing EHR

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Mike Mullins, Senior Director of Enterprise Sales, Ontario Systems

Mike Mullins

Senior Director of Enterprise Sales

Mike leads the Ontario Systems team that is responsible for driving the company’s healthcare market growth and revenue. Mike is a 24-year veteran of Ontario Systems and has focused the majority of his time here on the healthcare and outsourcing markets. Mike’s industry experience brings unique insight to identifying the issues within the healthcare market and defining the solutions to help solve those issues.

Shawn Yates, Director of Product Management, Ontario Systems

Shawn Yates

Director, Product Management

Shawn has more than 20 years of experience in revenue cycle management, spanning both payer and provider sides. As a product leader at Ontario Systems, Shawn offers a broad knowledge of the entire revenue cycle process – from registration to back-end collection operations. This knowledge enables Shawn to create high-value solutions that help providers address their revenue cycle challenges. 

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