Changes We're Making to Accelerate Your Success: A Look at Ontario Systems' Strategic Vision and What Lies Ahead

LIVE DATE: October 14th, 2020 1pm ET | 10am PT

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As you look ahead to your business goals, hear directly from members of our executive leadership team as they discuss their plans to fuel your progress. You’ll get a detailed update on our future vision for the company, changes we’re making now to achieve it, and what you can expect to see going forward. You’ll hear about: 

  • Ontario's vision for the future—where we are now as a company, and where we intend to move to best support our customers
  • How our strategic product innovation will better serve your business interests 
  • Why we’re refining our approach to client success—and what it means for you 


Learn what we’re doing today—and what we’re actively working toward—to benefit your organization’s people, processes, and long-term prospects.  

Featured Speakers

Tim O'Brien

Chief Executive Officer

Vijay Malik

Chief Technology Officer

David Franklin

Chief Operating Officer

Priti Shah

Chief Product Officer

Mike Meyer

VP, Client Success

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