CFPB  Compliance Rundown: How the New Rules Affect the Way You Collect

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The final CFPB rules for debt collection will take effect on November 30, 2021—exactly one year after publication in the Federal Register. Although the rule applies only to third-party debt collection agencies, its impact on creditors, healthcare providers, and the first-party collection model is significant. In this webinar, Ontario Systems Vice President and Chief Compliance Officer Rozanne Andersen will explain what the CFPB's final rules mean for your debt collection operations. 

During this 90-minute session, you'll get an overview of the entire regulation along with a checklist on each topic. As Rozanne walks you through regulation, she will place special emphasis on:

  • Voice calls, voice-mails and the limited content message
  • Text messaging
  • Email communication
  • E-Sign and its application to the FDCPA
  • Time, place, and medium restrictions
  • Call backs during restricted or prohibited times
  • E-Sign and what it means for disclosures
  • Document retention requirements