New Channels, New Tactics: Improving Performance with New Consumer Communication Standards

Are You Meeting the Compliance Challenge?

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Voicemail, email, IVR, web portal, text message - New channels for consumer communication certainly make compliance a complicated matter. Whether your purpose is to inform, remind, or call to action, messaging practices are regulated by laws from both federal and state governing bodies - And the stakes are high. How do you meet consumers on their terms, without running afoul of the law? 

During this presentation, a panel of compliance leaders explain what you need to: 

  • Build a technology-enabled communication strategy that engages consumers and supports your compliance policies 
  • Mitigate risk associated with consent and revocation
  • Deliver content that supports consumer needs, convenience, and connectivity

Ontario Systems Chief Compliance Officer, Rozanne Andersen, along with Tim Collins, General Counsel at Convergent Outsourcing, and David Cherner, Esq. of Moss & Barnett LLC, explain here how you can build a compliant communication strategy that meets the needs of today's hyper-connected world.