Self-Pay Revenue Cycle: The Challenge of Profitability

How industry leaders are meeting the challenge. 

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Healthcare revenue cycle management has become a daunting task over the last 10 years, as reimbursement cuts, regulations and the rise of high-deductible health plans continue to force providers to rethink how they perform many of their processes. How are leaders in the industry meeting the challenge?

During this webinar, we profiled Avera Health and discussed how they use collection and financial clearing strategies, and the right contact tools to approach their self-pay population, improve recoveries and manage patient satisfaction.

View the recording to:

  • Get the latest on key industry trends for reimbursement cuts, regulations, and patient deductibles
  • Identify how key strategies can streamline your self-pay collection process
  • Discover ways to effectively segment your accounts to maximize recovery
  • Learn how to implement a patient-friendly contact strategy to maintain patient satisfaction
  • Understand how to build a strong financial clearance process

Ontario Systems’ Shawn Yates, Director Healthcare Product Management, with Todd Carlson, Director of Patient Financial Information Systems of Avera Health,  discussed how Avera Health has implemented a strategy leading to better profitability.