8 Ways Government Offices Collect More  and Avoid Unnecessary Outsourcing

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8 Ways Government Offices Collect More, and Avoid Unnecessary Outsourcing

Despite government's many challenges, many offices still make manual spreadsheets, number-by-number dialing, and ballpark reporting an everyday part of doing business. The result? Many find themselves collecting less than they should from their victim restitution programs, tax intercepts, and other streams of revenue that fund important community programs, and meet demands from constituents. Some even find themselves running afoul of compliance requirements.

In this new ebook from Steve Ard, Ontario Systems Sr. Director, Government Services, you will learn why it's so important in 2018 to:

1. Plan for centralized collections
2. Aim for self-funding
3. Automate routine processes
4. Score your accounts
5. Develop a contact management strategy
6. Use all your available resources
7. Clearly establish financial expectations
8. Make it easy to pay

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